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awesome staff...awesome vibes....awesome beer selection
— 5* facebook review november 22, 2018
LOVE the energy and vibe at this cool spot on Broad Street! ❤️ I’ll definitely be back 💫
— 5* facebook review April 15, 2018
Love, love, love the people, love the location, love the beer. River Dog rocks it!
Friendly bartenders · Fun atmosphere · Local hangout · Great value
— 5* facebook review october 31, 2018
Rome got lucky when Connie and Mike came!! Awesome hangout!
— 5* facebook review july 18, 2018
Such a cool atmosphere! Best hangout in Rome!
— 5* facebook review june 6, 2018
This place is awesome! Great beer selection and the overall environment is very cool. Definitely a happy place!
— 5* facebook review january 20, 2018
Without a doubt, unquestionably, most certainly, and absolutely the best bar with the most amazing staff and friendliest patrons in all of Rome.
— 5* facebook review november 7, 2017

My favorite spot. Staff is great, beer is cold, setting and atmosphere are unmatched in Rome if you’re looking for a spot where you can relax and meet and converse with great people.
— 5* facebook review september 24, 2017
Best Spot ever! So chill, the people so nice and welcoming. The Mixons Boys rock the night away with all my favorite song. The Bar is overlooking a bridge and a river, grate to relax. Pets are ok and they have a huge selection of beers.
— 5* facebook review July 16, 2017

My favorite spot in town to grab a drink with friends and dogs by the river! Amazing people and atmosphere!
— 5* facebook review august 5, 2017
Owned and operated by the two best people in the world. If you go you’ll definitely have a great time.
— 5* facebook review june 5, 2017

The best hangout in Rome....the staff, the river view and, of course, the beer make it my afternoon reward....and dogs are welcomed!
— 5* facebook review may 20, 2017
Favorite spot to grab a beer in Rome. The people are amazing, there’s almost never a shortage of dogs and the beer choices seem endless. Exactly the kind of place we have been needing more of in Rome.
— 5* facebook review may 17, 2017
Great times! Awesome company! Feels like being out of town!
— 5* facebook review may 1, 2017

Best people and best beer to be found anywhere !
— 5* facebook review april 8, 2017
Fantastic hangout right on river. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy adult beverages with a group of great folks, River Dog Outpost is the place to be. So glad Mike and Connie have decided to call Rome home and invest time, money and plenty of sweat equity into our community.
— 5* facebook april 5, 2017
Love me some River Dog. Perfect river views, cold brews, and some of the best bartenders in town make for the perfect atmosphere year round!
— 5* facebook review march 30, 2017
We really enjoyed relaxing by the river, waving at the kayakers, drinking beer! We’ll be back again!
— 5* facebook review march 20, 2017
Stellar set up! Great to see the creatives bring back the glory of Rome!
— 5* facebook review january 28, 2017
Love this place and it’s roll in the community. It’s a great place to grab a beer and conversation.
— 5* facebook review january 28, 2017
Spectacular service in a welcoming atmosphere, with that ‘welcomed’ feeling coming from not only the staff but the patrons as well. Phenomenal craft beer selection. Something for everyone which is a testament to them having such a diverse crowd. Only problem I have the place is that it is 200 miles from where I live. I shall return!
— 5* facebook review november 26, 2016
This place is so unique!! It’s Outside on the rivers edge. Great place to spend a weekend night with friends. They have warmers and fire pits so it’s very pleasant in the winter months.
— 5* facebook review november 26, 2016
I love that it’s a beach type bar. And I love that your dogs can come too!!! Best time I’ve had in a while. What you guys have done with the place is simply amazing.
— 5* facebook review july 30, 2016
Amazing place, Amazing people!!!! Cool place to hangout and enjoy the river and a great beverage! Little vacay without leaving hometown.
— 5* facebook review january 16, 2016
Best View, Best Crew and Best Brew!!! Come on down to the River to relax and enjoy ~ Woooo!
— 5* facebook review december 23, 2015